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Tautira's Custom Winter Tarp

wooden boat tarp; custom pvc motor yacht tarp
Custom 10oz PVC Winter Tarp

Summer 2018 was coming to an end, and still the boat had to be cleaned out. Consumed by grief, I mustered up the energy I knew I needed to put into the boat. Priority number one, the boat had to be WATERPROOF. If there were any chance at saving her, I knew this was the first; I could not allow its current condition to worsen. Cancer may have taken its owner, my beloved partner, but I refused to let fresh water seep into Tautira's guts and affect its framing. I couldn't save Dana, but I could save his boat.

A friend recommended Tarps & Tie Down's in Hayward for a temporary solution. I called them immediately and their first response was, " what sort of area are we talking about covering?" This vessel of course isn't a sailboat, the topside surface area is challenging, all sorts of shapes and sizes and it isn't as simple as covering a boom with blue plastic wrap from Goodman's. I knew there'd be wind howling through at 30+ knots, not to mention the harbormaster made it very clear she did not want any seemingly derelict vessels in her marina. It had to match the colors of the boat, it had to be low and tied down, and it had to be an affordable [aka lingo for a 'do-it yourself" solution]. I'm no canvas worker, but I got out my measuring tape - and with the help of my reluctant father - starting measuring Tautira's wheelhouse and bow area.

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